Network Penetration Testing Services

A network infrastructure test is performed externally or internally to identify vulnerabilities and security issues at the infrastructure level. After discovery, vulnerabilities are safely exploited, confirming if the vulnerability exists. The process is manual, removing false positives typically returned by automated tools and vulnerability testing.

External Network Assessment:

Normally all of your perimeter network is being attacked every day and even small external vulnerabilities can be damaging. External network penetration testing is kind of test which identifies vulnerabilities on infrastructure devices and servers accessible from the internet.

The External penetration testing assesses the security posture of the routers, Intrusion Detection Systems, firewalls and other security appliances which filter malicious or suspicious traffic from the internet.

Internal Network Assessment:

Our support engineers approach the local area network as an attacker on the inside from our local network. In this case, we will look for the privileged company information and other important sensitive assets. This testing involves incorporating a variety of tools, uncovering or unprotected user credentials which attempting to compromise both virtual and physical machines present in the network environment. The benefit of this internal networking testing engagement is to ensuring a breach of your external network will not result in a breach of your assets.