Dedicated Support

Dedicated For Client 

We have the capability to provide a dedicated server administrator who will work exclusively for an organization. The dedicated server admin options provides premium support to the customers while taking care of all kind of technical & sales requirements. Also, we have backup support admin for the dedicated admin as an option.

A dedicated server administrator would cover all technical aspects, relating to a server. We do provide server admins in all the 3 levels L1/L2/L3 based on technical expertise.

Also, we do support cPanel, Plesk and Direct admin control panels under the client’s servers. We will perform software application updates and make sure the server is updated with current security patches 24/7. We have developed custom scripts to automate several control related tasks which would in turn increase efficiency.

We monitor & manage servers located under various data centers like amazon, IBM, etc., around the world and handling customers of the clients from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, etc.,