Whats is CloudMail?

Cloud Mail is a whole new world! Cloud Mail could be a complete new experience for the collaboration of your company. By using Cloud Mail platform, you have all the benefits of a collaboration suite in addition of a high-performance cloud infrastructure. You enjoy huge storage capacity for your emails, contacts, calendar, tasks and files, without the hassle of maintaining your own mail server. And all these are offered at a very competitive price, thus saving money from your budget.

Features of CloudMail:

Huge capacity :

Cloud Mail offers more than 20GB of disk quota per mailbox. It’s not even comparable with the cost of your own infrastructure and legacy email systems. Huge capacity is offered with a complete solution for the collaboration and communication of your company.

Easy to handle:

Cloud Mail is fully compatible with standard messaging systems like Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Thunder bird, em-client, etc.,

In addition Cloud Mail can be configured on any device and any client by using the known protocols POP3, IMAP and SMTP. It also runs on all popular browsers offering all the features you’d expect and much more. Learn more about productivity and compatibility.

Antispam & Virus protection:

Cloud Mail has enhanced email filtering mechanisms. Therefore unwanted emails are blocked by the system before they delivered to your Inbox. All these happens without needing to teach the system for which emails are unwanted and which aren’t.

In addition, Cloud Mail is equipped with antivirus and every single email that arrives is being scanned for viruses and malwares and then forwarded to mail server in order to deliver it in the appropriate mailbox. So you are protected from viruses and malwares included in your emails even if you don’t have other antivirus solution.

Recover deleted emails:

Mistakes is something that we all do every day. In case you delete some important email that was placed in your trash folder, typically you shouldn’t be able to recover it. Thanks to Cloud Mail and the Dumpster folder, you can recover the email yourself within few days. The deleted emails are accessible by right clicking on Trash and selecting “Recover Deleted Items”.

Also you can set a retention policy on any folder you like. You just need to right click on each folder and select the retention policy you wish. This option is available under folder’s properties.

In addition you can enable the message disposal option if you like. That way, messages in the particular folder which are older than the disposal threshold you set will be subject to automated cleanup and deletion. So you can keep your mailbox clean from old emails without needing to delete them manually.

Round the clock support:

We do provide 24X7 Livechat, WhatsApp chat. You can contact us at anytime regarding your queries. We will be assist you by connecting teamviewer in case issue on your local Outlook/PC. Our heroic support team will take over the migration of your emails from existing mail server to our CloudMail server without any data loss and downtime.