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PINNACLE SPECIALISTS – Experts in technical services for Web Hosting IT industry. We monitor, manage, maintain Linux & Windows servers remotely in the IT infrastructure and provide world-class support to our customers globally. We work closely with the customers  in a peaceful environment to make sure their particular business needs are satisfied.

Providing 24/7 professional technical support for web hosting company, web hosting customers and especially DATA CENTERS. More than a decade of experience, refined quality control systems, flexible support persons and proactive support specialists maximizes the value of our service and minimizes the risks. Our organisation’s certified and experienced specialists are always at the customer service, 24×7, 365 days all years.

PINNACLE SPECIALISTS – WebHosting Support manage the customers & their websites, web servers, database servers, mail servers with a better knowledge and patience. We understand that when we support the customers, we are representing the valuable of the company and the dignity. We maintain service up-time and quality by monitoring servers, services, trouble shooting technical faults, etc.

We have created a support experience with an unparalleled level of service. With Pinnacle Specialists, you have the assurance that you are dealing with an established IT based company with multiple offices around the globe. Our service is 100% white-label and is reliable that made by our well experienced Technical Support Engineers.

What we do at Pinnacle Specialists?

Our teammates are trained to control the servers with variety of Operating system and other specifications. We are capable to keep your Cloud/Dedicated/Email servers with 99.99% up-time and we can jump into unexpected issues arise on your servers and resolve it with the very short time spam. Below are the most wanted technologies that Pinnacle Specialists currently deal with and we are improving our technical skills everyday through our seamless learning program.

Linux Server Management:

We are capable of handling Linux servers for various business purposes such as Web hosting, e-commerce applications, Domain name servers, CMS, banking finance, education, real estates, and a plethora of other applications. Our team can handle lightweight to enterprise level servers on cloud with very high up time.

The Pinnacle Specialists system administrators will monitor all these processes for the operating system, application or other web services. We expertise at 24×7 and provide top-of-the-line services for Linux servers on platforms such as Linux Centos, Debian, Ubuntu , Red-hat and Cloudlinux servers.

Windows Server Management:

Windows servers are adaptable servers which are all good with a large number of supported stages like ASP.net, Microsoft SQL Database, PHP, MySQL, Microsoft IIS web server and more. The Pinnacle Windows servers are adaptable and versatile as they can deal with different level of arrangements for different business needs and requirements.

Email Server Management:

As we Pinnacle Specialists know, email is how important and critical to the success of your business. You use email every day to stay in touch with your very own customers, colleagues, contractors – practically everyone who supports your business. Hence, it’s important that your business email is always available. We do provider Email server management services and we will make sure that your emails online at anytime.

CloudMail, Office 365 and Gsuite email services:

In order to give you a worry-free transition and help you succeed with G Suite, Office 365 and CloudMail, Pinnacle Specialists offers a wide range of professional services from covering from initial setup, account transfer, training courses to managed service.

Advanced Security Technologies:

We understand how important your company/personal datas are. The Pinnacle Specialists will always ensure an extra mile when it comes for server security. At this modern world, the cyber landscape has evolved significantly and both businesses and individuals now consume live data around the clock. Whether it’s through 4G on-the-go or Wi-Fi networks, they interact with rich content through mobile apps, social media and general internet browsing throughout the day. All these boundaries between work and personal are becoming increasingly blurred and, at the same time, the organisation infrastructure has sprawled outside of the physical constraints of the office. Data now resides in the cloud, in apps and in the third-party supply chain. With the full insight of below listed security technologies, you can rest assured that your Servers are under safe hands with Pinnacle Specialists.

  • Cyber Security and Penetration Testing Services.
  • Network Penetration Testing Services.
  • Web application security Services.
  • SSL/TLS certificates.