Our Support & Services

downloadLive Chat Support 

Our chat support can be used for all levels of concerns and can run 24/7 or during specific times of the day. We are providing the support with the necessary software to manage customers.

Adding live chat support services is a great way to reduce telephone support and it also increases our sales.  Often times, visitors to your site have questions but they don’t feel like calling.  Our Live chat increases pre-sales communication and the likelihood of receiving new signups for the companies.

Help Desk Support logo_292_1

Help desk support is one of the most popular types of support provided by hosting companies. We do provide three options includes phone, online chat and help desk support. Some clients prefer to pick up the phone and actually talk to a live person, while others just want to open a support tickets, mails to ask their questions & raise their concerns. With help desk support the clients will gain easy access to your support team.

The customers get fast, 24/7 support over a medium of their choice – phone, live chat or help desk.